Terrible Clothing Trends

This is a very simple article. This will be on the subject of clothing that you can and will see on the road and in clubs that you should not. This really doesn’t need much introduction so let’s get to it.

Please do not wear your pajamas in public. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable in the bedroom but these pieces of clothing should stay there. Some women and men have taken this to the extreme and think that this is an acceptable style for the night life. What message are you sending? “I don’t like to get out of bed so feel free to get into mine”? Some people will go to malls wearing night gowns and bath robes. That’s only acceptable if you are a very elderly person who has trouble dressing themselves. The first time you see a bath robe in a nightclub you should find a new club. One with a dress code.

Pajamas in PublicImage not mine; lifted from google images.

Jeggings need to go. Jeggings never should have been. They are an awful invention that will be looked upon with the same disdain and sneers that accompany memories of parachute pants.

Speaking of parachute pants, harem pants don’t look good. If you have legs that are worth showing off you should be doing it. Harem pants make a woman shapeless and amorphous from the waist down. You may as well buy 7 different hooded bath robes, one for each day of the week, and give up on being sexy.

Neon colors died with the 90s but the new obsession with zombies seems to have come with some dead fashions as well. If you are wearing neon clothing to anything but an early 90s themed costume party then you need to stop what you are doing and go get a little black dress. Stop trying to be the material girl. Even the material girl doesn’t want to be a material girl anymore. If you are seriously wearing early 90s fashion then you need to

Kanye glasses are similar to neon. They are based on a 1980s fashion that never should have come back. They really only look good on Kanye West. He looks better with them on than without and scientists have been trying to solve this riddle for years. Are you Kanye West? No? Throw them away.


Terrible Clothing Trends — 14 Comments

  1. Hubby is strict when it comes to pajama’s.never go out of the house wearing them or he’ll not gonna like it .Parachute pants really looks baduy tapos tinernuhan pa ng neon color shirt,haha,uber na sa kabaduyan.

  2. I agree with the Pajamas (although I’ve seen Dior do this inner wear as outerwear trend and do it beautifully at that) but I don’t agree with the rest. :) There are nice jeggings out there that are made from real denim. Not like those cheap ones with the denim pattern printed on them. The make the legs look really slim and if worn right, can look really nice.

    Harem pants look great on tall people. If you keep your top fitted to your body then you don’t look shapeless. It even gives the illusion of even longer legs.

    Neon too is fine. Just balance it with more neutral pieces.

    Neon sunglasses are also ok. It’s all about how you wear it.

    Seriously, I don’t really subscribe to rules in fashion. Just wear what makes you feel good and what flatters your body. Just make sure what you wear is appropriate for the occasion :)

  3. I don’t remember any occasion where pajamas are worn, except during night time, especially in going to sleep. But a wonderful experience I had had, when all of us school heads had a pajama party in the little Baguio place we had atop the mountain. It was a very memorable party we had.

  4. I’always comfortable with Pajamas but to go out in public wearing those? haha! Well anyways, for me sense of clothing style will always depends on how you can carry yourself. I noticed that clothing fashions from the 60′s are trendy again. But it always pay to look appropriate and sane at the same time. =)

  5. hmmm.. pajamas on night outs? though i won’t sport one i’d definitely want to see someone do just that out of curiosity.. lols~

    the rest of the stuffs mentioned i think are okay.. it all boils down to the one wearing it and how they carry it. ^_^

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