Life at 50

Forty (40)is the old age for the youth. Meanwhile, fifty (50) is the youth of old age. That’s according to French poet/novelist, Victor Hugo.

Perhaps people in their 30s would get frantic imagining themselves in their 50s and would rather not give a thought of it. But for some turning 50 is a grand event in itself with half the battle of life won. It’s a time when one must look back, go down memory lane and smile satisfyingly.

People who have done their part, fulfilled their obligations and lived their lives accordingly wouldn’t waste time feeling old and frustrated but make the most out of their day instead. After all, it’s a mid century birthday! That should call for a toast! A life at 50 deserves not a grand but a fun 50th birthday gift designed to make one wear a grin because life at 50’s is all about enjoying oneself – with no more responsibilities to assume, no more years to count – just a plain counting of blessings bestowed upon their way.

If you’re a friend of someone who is just going to turn 50 in time, you can make use of some fun 50th birthday gift ideas from this website. Make them see the lighter side of life and give them reason to laugh as laughter they say, strengthens the heart…

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