Fashion Shows and Exhibits

I do love watching fashion shows, exhibitions of fancy new dresses, and looking for what the latest trends in fashion are.

I am not into buying it; my purpose is just to see what the latest fashions are. These fashion trends and ideas would be my guide in picking what I am going to wear on a daily basis, for special occasions, at school and so much more.

Fashion is like color combinations.

Fashion Show (image source and credits)

I see to it that what I picked was not outdated from the recent trends and styles. I love to match what I wear and like experimenting so that I have my own fashion.

But, I need to have a guide so that I know what I should wear. That is one of the reasons I watch different fashion shows and exhibitions.

Though I am not into having what is the latest trend because not all of it is suited to me, but at least getting an idea from watching it helps massively. I can tell I am a fashion designer of my own.

I like to reinvent clothes, combine colors, mixing and matching what is available in my closet. I like doing it because it is like shopping in my own closet. Sometimes it is frustrating especially if I do not have the right clothes that I picture in my mind.

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