Valuing Grandma’s Antiques and Other Vintage Watches and clocks

Sorting Through Grandma’s Antiques

My grandmother died several years ago but my parents and aunts and uncles just stored her belongings in boxes and then packed them away in the attic. A few weeks ago, I was missing her so I began combing through the boxes and found what I perceived to be some valuable items. Among them, I found some Flow Blow china tea cups and saucers, a Victorian cake pedestal, porcelain dolls, and a jewellery box full of antique treasures.

My grandmother’s collection included a sterling silver friendship ring from her oldest friend, a 10 carat gold birthstone ring with an aquamarine square stone, and a vintage white gold Omega watch from the Art Deco era.

I decided to get Grandma’s jewellery appraised, especially her antique clock so I went to Antique Clocks of which are their speciality. They have been repairing and valuing antique clocks that up to 200 years old for years so I knew they would be helpful. Sure enough, they were able to look at the elegant white clock which still ran perfectly and appraise it and even offer to add it to their other collection of antique and vintage clocks.

Vintage Omega Watches

Kalmar Antiques features an extensive collection of antique clocks. While they sell a variety of well-known watch brands, too, they feature the most of vintage watches and their ever changing designs.

They sell antique Omega watches like a 1926 rose gold one with the classic black dial and gold numbers and hands. The watch functions by the T17 calibre, and the antique job offers a one year warranty. They also carry a vintage steel pocket watch from the Art Deco era, which features a stunning contrast with its white and black dial. It measures 48 mm across and is the traditional triangular shape of that Art Deco period.

Kalmar Antiques also sells the vintage watches that Omega is known for. They carry several of the infamous vintage Seamaster, including a 1958 one. This one has been restored to look brand new and includes a 14 carat gold case. The dial is still original and also includes gold index numbers and center hands. Inside the watch, you’ll find a 20 jewelled 501 calibre to keep it running.

They also sell a variety of the clocks, which began in the 1950s, and they currently have one from 1953. It’s referred to as the Constellation C as it was the third line released and the barrel looks like a “C.” It includes a gold case with a darker plated dial and black index markers. It features a 23 jewelled 1011 calibre that runs perfectly.

My Experience With Vintage Clocks

I was thoroughly impressed with their selection of vintage clocks and their quality service so I decided to sell one of my grandmother’s watches, as well, as I knew it would go to someone else that would appreciate its value.

Author Bio: Rowena Anderson has been adding to her antique collection years, adding precious family heirlooms over many generations. She is very passionate and knowledgeable and only likes dealing with those who share her passion for antiques. People like the experts at antique clocks and watches of which are their forte. She enjoys sharing the history and story of how she acquired each item.

Custom Writing: Fashion Articles

Lifestyle and fashion custom writing is not my forte. It is not my desired style of writing. Even then, when I was still in my elementary years, in our school peg, I was not used to write feature articles because I don’t really know how to.

Custom Writing: Fashion ArticlesCustom Writing: Fashion Articles (image from

One time, during the school paper’s team training on writing and copy-editing, I remember what the feature writing lecturer told us that when writing feature articles, lifestyle or fashion essays, we should put ourselves being one getting featured so we can put ourselves on the subject being featured. The same as through with blogging, a blogger could never write a good lifestyle or fashion blog post once he or she has not witnessed him- or herself on the event, or the subject being talked about. This isn’t just for blogging and in lifestyle or feature writing for newspaper publications, but also in any custom writing articles.

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The Perfect Sacramental Gift

With Christmas just around the corner, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list. Celebrating the season with the reminder of the reason behind Christmas is always a great way to remember why we celebrate this special time. These are just a few ideas when it comes to finding the perfect sacramental gift.

What lady doesn’t love jewelry? With gold making a comeback, a cross necklace is a wonderful present for anyone. A symbolic way to keep what really matters in mind as we are on the go, working and running around. A beautiful gift for someone that you really care about.


Jewelry (image from

Whether it is a first Bible or book of prayers, this is a wonderful way to mark a special occasion. Meaningful and full of promises to last a lifetime, sacramental books are one of the most thoughtful gifts to give during this holiday.

Unique frames engraved with the date of birth or baptism, prayer figurines and even customized ornaments are another popular and beautiful present for Christmas. A gift that can be passed down throughout the generations, keepsakes are not only priceless, but hold special meaning and memories.

This is a guest post written by Robyn.